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  Dosa Corner 5th Anniversary Vegetable Samosa  
Best Restaurant of 2009

South Indian Cuisine - The Taste of Home

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Dosa Corner: South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Columbus Ohio
Dosa Corner: South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Columbus Ohio
“Dosa Corner has mastered vegetarian fare from
southern India.”
The Columbus Dispatch


Hearty vegetarian dishes set Indian eatery apart

When you crave hamburgers and french fries in a disposable wrapper, go to Wendy's.

When your hunger needs vegetables and breads delivered on throwaway plates, go to Dosa Corner.

More blue-collar than, say, another stellar vegetarian Indian restaurant in Ohio's capital - Udipi Cafe - Dosa Corner caters to eaters with little need to converse over dinner and much desire to ingest tasty carbohydrates.

Business traveler and frequent customer Ananth Sunparan, who had been razzing a friend via cell phone while finishing the mini-smorgasbord before him, offered a ringing endorsement.


Dosa Corner: South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Columbus Ohio
“At this charming hole in the wall, you will find satisfying vegetarian fare
from Southern India,
with reasonable pricing.”
Columbus Monthly

Columbus Monthly

That little hole-in-the-wall ethnic eatery, where excellent food your mama never heard of is dished out for cheap, exists (it must be said) largely in the mind. Most of the places that appear to fit the bill turn out to serve mediocre food, and while the cuisines of far away and unfamiliar places are done very well in Columbus, it is often in well-appointed settings and not for cheap. Because one of the joys of being a restaurant critic is to put you onto the great little hole in the wall, and as I am in an unselfish mood:Go at once to Dosa Corner for "dosa".

What the restaurant calls "dosa" are thin, plate-size pancakes made of lentil and rice flours, dark and crackling on the outside, soft and white on the inside. They're naturally sweet but not sweetened, lightly sour from the overnight fermentation of the batter (like sourdough bread, only better), and while the things are wonderful palin or dipped in the fragrant coconut milk-based chutney or one of the many ohter condiments served here, they are even more wonderful filled with all manner of vegetables, cheese, or mixtures thereof.


  1077 Old Henderson Road, Columbus, OH 43220.   Tel: (614) 459-5515    dosacorner@hotmail.com    directions  
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